Your restaurant inventory management software in the cloud

MarketMan is your inventory manager in the cloud. The software keeps track of all the restaurant inventory movements and gives you real time, accurate status and alerts.
Gain More Control and Make Better Decisions!

Key Benefits

Manage Menu Profitability

Food Costing

Plan and budget menu items, ingredients and preparations

Know your most and least profitable items

Manage Inventory

Control Inventory

Know inventory quantity and value in real time

Inventory counts on a mobile device

Track Waste and Theft

Automate Ordering Process

Optimize Your Ordering Process

Set par levels

System suggested ordering

Log Inventory Alerts

Alerts & Reports

Low inventory alerts

Actual vs. theoretical food cost

Real time dashboard views and reports

How It Works

Easy Setup

Suppliers, Inventory, Menu Items and ingredients

Inventory In

Receive inventory and invoices

Inventory Out / POS Integration

Reports menu items and ingredients sold, Manage waste

Get Control

Get real-time inventory

Profitability insight

Food Costs (Actual vs Theoretical)

Get Reports and Alerts

Real Time Inventory Value

Export to Accounting