Simplify Your Entire Purchasing Process

MarketMan is an easy to use cloud based solution that saves you time and money. You can place orders, check status and manage suppliers anytime, anywhere, along with a lot more great features.

Key Benefits

Automate Supplier Ordering

Save Time and Reduce Errors

Automate ordering from your current suppliers

No more faxes, phone calls and manual data entry

Place orders using your PC or mobile device

Manage Order Placement

Easily Delegate

Let your department managers place orders with full transparency

Manage users and permissions

Prevent fraud

Manage Food Cost

Manage Your Budget

Set purchasing budgets and limits

Know how much you’re spending in real-time

Manage Inventory And Suppliers

Manage Your Suppliers

Set delivery days, cut-off times and get order reminders

Get alerts and track shorts, subs, credits and billing irregularities

Ensure orders are placed with authorized suppliers

How It Works


After uploading your suppliers and inventory items, select the supplier and place an order.

Send Order
Get Order Confirmation

Get a confirmation that your supplier received your order


Receive order

Receive Order
Export To Accounting Software

Export to your accounting system